Allagash Virtual Tour or Tasting - Gift Certificate

Allagash Virtual Tour or Tasting - Gift Certificate

$ 75.00

Do you know someone, or a group of someone's, who have always wanted to visit Allagash, but couldn’t make it out to our neck of the woods? You’re in luck! We are now offering a virtual tour & tasting experience so you can visit us from the comfort of your own home!

We have two options. Option one is a guided tour of Allagash, along with a guided tasting. Or, for option two, you can skip the tour and go right for the tasting. One of our experienced guides will lead the group through an in-depth and interactive experience sampling three Allagash beers.  (Not included) 

Once the gift certificate is purchased, you will receive an e-mail from within 48 hours. Please keep an eye out for the email (you may also need to check your spam) this is how you will communicate the giftee's information. 

There are two tasting experiences to choose from:

Each experience runs up to 75 minutes (tour and tasting), or 60 minutes (tasting only). We can easily accommodate groups of 1 - 25 or 26 - 75. For an experience of 75 and up, please reach out to

The video link will be provided after a time slot has been booked. 

Lastly, while we can’t legally ship our beer to you, we can help you find it.

Finding and Purchasing Beer for Your Tasting
If you’re near Portland, you can always grab beer from our brewery. You can also use our Beer Locator to help you find where to buy our beer in the following locations: CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, Chicagoland, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, WI and VT.

If you’re not in our distribution footprint, don’t fear! Halftime Beverage sends our beer to many states that we’re not distributed to across the country. Check out their site to see if they can get our beer headed your way.

Now here is the fun, fine print lawyer stuff, because the world changes "wicked quick" around here. 

This certificate entitles the bearer to the virtual experience listed above. If, at any point, Allagash Brewing Company discontinues the Virtual Tour Program, then and only then can this certificate be turned in for credit in the amount of $________ to be used in person for beer (if the bearer is over the age of 21), merchandise, or on-line for merchandise only. 

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