Mysterious Mystery Shirt of Enigma

Mysterious Mystery Shirt of Enigma

$ 9.72

Do you ever look at your wardrobe and think, "Oh golly gee, I am so predictable with my safe fashion choices", "I really need to take a chance... on fashion!" 

Well dear customer...  I believe fashion forward pop supergroup Abba sang it best when they sang "Take a chance (take a chance chance), take a chance on me."

So take a chance on this mysterious mystery shirt of enigma, and we will send you a shirt from our extensive archive! 

These shirts were all previously part of our core lineup, but have since been retired. Our treasure can also be your treasure!

So choose a style , choose a size and choose to throw caution to the wind! Feel free to drop us a note with a fun factoid about you (favorite color, animal, beer, podcast) and a few other tidbits might fall into your package as well...  

(please note, if you order multiple of the same size, you may end up with multiple of the same shirt. Supplies are limited and we are Allagash Brewing Company, not Allagash t-shirt and other wearables manufacturing company. That would be too wordy...)