Dog Gear- clearance sale
Dog Gear- clearance sale

Dog Gear- clearance sale

Regular price $ 16.00 Sale price $ 16.00

We have some old leashes and collars that need a good home. Adopt one today! 6 ft. long.

Once deflated, bike tire tubes are hard to recycle by conventional means. Our recycled bike tube collars are good for the planet, great for your dog and will last for years with proper care. Features:
Latch-Lock Airline-Style Buckle. Over 400% stronger than plastic buckles.
- Pup Top Bottle Opener / Leash Attachment. Man's Best Friend.
- ID Spot Accessory Loop. Separate location for ID tags & lighting.
- Dries quickly
- Won't fray like webbing
- Fights the stink!

Medium: 12-21" (30cm-53cm). Fits most dogs under 65lbs (29kg).
Large: 17-27" (43cm-65cm). Fits most dogs over 65lbs (29kg).

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