Tom's Tidbits & Keith's Knickknacks

Tom's Tidbits & Keith's Knickknacks

$ 2.00

If you are like us, your name is Tom or maybe Keith and you love a good mystery! That is why we are making available, for the first time ever:

"Tom's Tidbits & Keith's Knickknacks!"

Here at Allagash we get a lot of requests for extra stickers, pins, coasters, beer labels, hugs, turtles, and just about anything else you can think of! So with just one single low, low payment of $2, $5 or $10, you can order your very own mystery pack!

Our team will work diligently and painstakingly to package a shipment based on your unique personality. If your unique personality enjoys random stuff from the shipping desk...

 Also, Keith wanted me to add "try throwing your shirt size in the comments section, you may get lucky." Thanks Keith!

All proceeds from "Tom's Tidbits & Keith's knickknacks" will go to The Ecology School.