Zip-up Hoodie

Zip-up Hoodie

$ 35.00

It's springtime, there is a nip to the air as you step up to the tee. 

You feel the breeze tousle your hair as you lower your hood. The sunlight gently caresses your face as you slide up the soft and warm sleeves of your hoodie.

You subconsciously measure the weight of the disc in your hand as you eye the basket, just over 200' away. Easing your arm back, your sweatshirt seamlessly moves with you. Your Hoodie is warm enough for the early spring chill, light enough to not weigh you down.

Gripping your fingers under the rim of the disc you slide your index finger across the edge. Reflexively, you swing your arm forward, snapping your wrist as you point your disc towards it's goal. You nervously unzip, and re-zip your sweatshirt in anticipation, noticing how the zipper glides with ease. 

Hole in one.

Available in Nightwing Navy (Black), S-2X